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Well Gene was kind-of the smooth dancer… maybe it’s Donald  – he always made me laugh… Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du
Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du….I’m singin’ in the rain….Just singin’ in the rain,….What a glorious feeling,….And I’m happy again.
Didn’t Fred record this one too? Maybe it’s Fred and Debbie….I’m laughing at clouds….So dark, up above,….The sun’s in my heart….Du Du Du Du Du…

Let the stormy clouds chase….Everyone from the place,….Come on with the rain….I have a smile on my face….I’ll walk down the lane….With a happy refrain… Just singin’, singin’ in the rain….Dancing in the rain….I’m happy again….I’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain.,,,,Dancin’ and singin’ in the rain.


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This weekend we went hiking at Rib Mountain State Park near Steven’s Point. We were hanging with our friends Todd, Sara, Maggie, and Aubrey. It was a perfect day of fun with the kids and the challenge of Mountain Climbing!

Okay, it’s not technically a mountain — it is almost 4 miles long and peaks at 1,924 feet above sea level and 760 feet above the local terrain, the highest difference of height from peak to surrounding terrain in the state of  Wisconsin.

Local legend states that the ‘ribs’ in Rib Mountain come from the legend that it is the burial site of Paul Bunyan. Furthermore, nearby Mosinee Hill is said to be the grave of Babe the Blue Ox.

Even if it was not a mountain – it was a challenging 1.38 mile hike — Really is that all it was? Wow – I really thought is was longer than that!

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We have been feeling crafty this week…

Getting ready for the county fair will do that to you.

We did this when it was really warm outside… I think that made it even more “melty.”

Blue ribbon #1 – for Truman and cool art work to hang in the basement for me – Yea!


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Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jeff, and KC were in town last week. I have lot of photos to share and lots of memories to keep. The best part of our zoo trip might have been seeing the big cousins together — KC was along to watch it all, but next year I have a feeling she will be part of the action!

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“What I need is one hour of help in the garden and then you can read all day.”


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father’s day







Happy Father’s Day Tim… Thank you for the laughter, the love, the lounge chair afternoon. I know it wasn’t the perfect day, but it was a really good together day.

I love our family. I love watching you be a dad. I love that you can’t say “no” to ice cream.

I was thinking about your Dad too. I wish he were here to tell you that he is proud of you.

I wish I remembered to tell you more often. I’m glad we got to tell you today
that your a really great dad
we love you!

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