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The foyer is painted- I love it, but….

Now I think that door needs paint– would you paint it brown like the walls


Or red like the dining room?

What do you think?


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Boot girl

She getting her boot off- So excited – brave- and unable to take it easy…


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Tim bolted out of bed and went straight to the gym. I did not. I turned on the radio, fluffed up my pillows, checked my email, glanced at a decorating magazine, and lingered in my quiet, morning bedroom.

My worry levels have been so high lately. However, today its all okay. Mom is home. My sister is busy learning about being a mom. Anna Mae (I hope) is going to get her boot off.

Sure it could be better. There are plenty of things i’d change if I was in charge – but i’m not – in charge- of much of anything- except getting in the shower… And finding out what today will bring…


…but it sure is nice to just linger–a little –right here.

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