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Saturday – I am at my third store looking for school supplies. I can’t find fat preschool pencils anywhere. Found black triangle pencils that look pretty fat – will send those and see what happens. I think I have everything. Going home to organize. Tim suggests that this is worse than launching the space shuttle.


Monday – I actually remembered to make a well baby care appointment for Grace. Other than wanting to know her weight I consider it a waste of time, but because I am taking all the kids, I am able to ask Dr. Gritt (who I just love) to sign all the school physical papers. I even talk him into an eye exam for Cole and Anna Mae. It’s amazing what someone will do to get a frazzled woman and her four children out the door. Truman is a beast – I am not kidding. Unfortunately, for the kids they all need shots. Cole and Anna are now done until they are 12 years old. That does not seem to cheer them up, but ice cream with Grandma might.

Later on Monday – Had to stop at Kmart to get more supplies – now I think I’m done. Stop at Grandma’s and Tru bites cousin Nash. He is a monster – I am not kidding.

Still Later on Monday – Just remembered Anna’s birthday is Wednesday – I have to make treat to take. Frantically looking through cookbooks for ideas – she wants cupcakes.


Tuesday –First day of school and I am so ready. After not sleeping and teetering on a huge case of pre-empty nest syndrome I am in the shower at 5am. I have the car packed by 7:45, everyone is dressed, fed, and photographed by the maple tree – I AM SUPER WOMAN. Scratch that, the car won’t start. I left the cooler plugged in all night, with Grace’s bottle from yesterday in it. Battery is totally dead. Have to get neighbor to come jump car. Thank GOD I cleaned the garage and know what the jumper cables are.


        We arrive at school just on time. Tim meets us and helps me get the kids out of the car and into the school. They miss lining up, but I am able to sneak them through the crowd so they are not marked tardy. At the Parent Social – Truman is a beast – I am not kidding.

Tuesday night – I have successfully talked Anna out of cupcakes and into cookies. They have to be cutout to look like flowers and decorated to look like the ones on the Country Living Magazine – I totally pull it off – See… I AM SUPER WOMAN! I check the kid’s bags – Cole did not eat his snack.  In bed by 10:30pm.

Wednesday – Again we arrive at school just in time to watch the perfectly lined-up children walk into school. I again sneak them in making it look like I have to carry Anna’s cookies for her. They are in their classroom and not tardy – Ha!

Wednesday Late Morning – I take Truman shopping – he is a beast – I am not kidding.

Wednesday After Noon – They are ridding the bus home. I am folding laundry, watching Martha on TV and keeping an eye open for the bus. I remember that I was going to bake a cake for Anna’s birthday. I actually get it into the oven and out in time to walk down to the bus. It pulls up – right on time and my beautiful little birthday girl get off. She crosses the street and the driver begins to pull away. I yell – “Wait, where is Cole? Where is her brother? Anna where is your brother?” The bus driver answers saying, “If he is sleeping in the back, I’ll be back later with him” and pulls away. I grab Anna and Truman race home and call the principal who does not address my concern with the same magnitude of worry that I expect. She suggests that if I live close I might jump in my car and check to see if he is in the after school care program… she has another call and it’s raining. I load the three kids that I have managed to keep track of in my short term as SUPER WOMAN and head to the school. NO COLE. I finally get the principal to call the bus company and she can’t get through. I go back home to call them myself. After an eternity he is found and returned home. The principal calls to tell me that she is “sure I have a very responsible son and that he will most likely not do this again.” I am so floored I don’t say a word.

I go through Cole’s bag – he has not eaten his snack – two days in a row – I am hugging and fussing and asking why. Cole who obviously does not want to further upset his mother musters up the courage to tell me that they do not allow chocolate candy bars. His snack is an organic granola bar with carob chips. I try to explain that it’s not a candy bar, but he is not buying it.

Wednesday Night – Tim and I finally get to talk about the bus incident and I realize that Tim might murder the principal if encouraged to talk with her about it. I suggest that I will take up my concerns with her myself and see how it goes.

Thursday – I get the kids to school in time for them to line up. I say about twenty “Our Fathers” and muster up the courage to talk to the principal – I might have kids at this school for the next fourteen years – I am afraid of burning a bridge on Day Three. Thank GOD, she actually listens & apologizes. I am able to walk away feeling better and certain that they will not put my kids on the wrong bus EVER again.

I take Tru to his preschool where he is schedule for a 10 min. tour of the classroom. He walks in and becomes angelic – folds his chubby little hands and put them in his lap and everything. When we are ready to go he actually thanks the teachers and pushes in his chair.  – They take none of my warning seriously and actually think he is going to be sooooo cute. Oh, good grief!

Thursday at the Park – my girlfriends are very good at acting appropriately alarmed and supportive as I tell them about my week. I laugh when one of them asks why I am so worried about getting to school on time – she has two kids spaced four years apart – need I say more? They also suggest that I should be happy that Tru is good at school and not the other way around – I am not so certain – the people at school are getting paid / I’m not.

Thursday Afternoon – Cole and Anna get off the bus together. They are off playing with the neighbor and I go through their bags. They seem to be producing an insane amount of coloring papers and Cole didn’t eat his snack again – Thank God for four day weekends – I have no idea how I will keep this pace for the next ten months – Having them home all day, all summer, is now looking pretty darn easy…

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The first chapter of an old creative writing book is what put me to bed last night. The question at the end asks, “Why do you write?” I’m not sure it’s complete, but here are the answers that have floated to the surface so far…


I write to remember. I write because it elevates the moments in an ordinary day. I write so my kids understand me. I write to open my mind to the world. I write because I like to play with words. I write to quiet my brain. I write to record the things I love. I write because I have something to say. I write so I have something to say. I write to stay connected. I write because it keeps me quiet. I write because it gives voice to my dreams. I write because it doesn’t cost anything. I write because it’s what I want to do when I grow up. I write so that laundry and dishes are not all my children see me doing. I write because it gives me energy. I write to see if I’m still interesting to be around. I write because it makes me feel like a three year old in the sand box. I write to keep me company while I sip a cup of tea. I write to get through the winter and then I write to celebrate the sunshine. I write so that I can put aside the things that scare me. I write to give my anxiety to God. I write to take record of the things growing around me. I write as an excuse to sit on my front porch swing. I write to remind myself of what is important to me… people, beauty, simplicity. I write when I need to rest. I write best after I’ve read something that inspires my soul. I write so I can fix the outcome of my nightmares. I write because the best way to see if I’ve learned something it to try to re-say it in my own words. I write because it builds my confidence. I write to be silly. I write when it’s easier than saying something out loud. I write to give my teachers peace of mind … see I really was listening and learning. I write to teach what I have learned. I write because it makes me feel wise and then I write so that I see how little I really know. I write because my parents have never said, “no you should not do that.” I write to feel vulnerable and take risks and I write when I get hurt. I write to leave something behind. I write because it is my music…

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Please vote

Alright… I know I haven’t written and now I am asking you to do something… but trust me it quick and painless… On the WISN 12 Milwaukee web site there is a link called the A-list. Under Women’s accessories is JBird the store that Karen’s handbags are sold in. Please vote for JBird and if you can leave a comment about Karen’s handbags…. In exchange I promise to write tomorrow morning…  I’ll try to get the link up to the right….

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