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At dinner tonight Tim did something or another to make Cole happy and Cole paid Tim the untimate in compliments… he said, and I quote… “Dad, your like the hot dog in a sausage race.” I’m not even sure what could be better than that… 

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I am going to write a book about this someday and you all can say you heard it first. This week Tim and I had a retreat at our church. The priest who did the talks was a big guy from New York City who looked Italian, but claimed to be Irish.  His name is Michael Sullivan, so we can take him on his word. He was so engaging and fun to listen to that I went all four nights and Tim went three  – free child care made it even better : )

Anyway, one night he was talking about marriage as he answered a question that had been on my mind for some time. A few weeks back when my girlfriends and I were talking about date nights and babysitters the idea of who comes first – kids or husband – was brought up. Two of us said our husbands – as we had been taught in our FOCCUS classes. As much as they tried to keep their poise, the other ladies appeared to be holding their breath as they tried not to blurt out that we had to be the worst parent in the entire world for not putting our kids first. When one asked why our church taught marriage first we were both embarassed not to have a very good answer.

Well if you wait long enough the answers will fall from heaven eventually. Now, however late, I know why. Father Sullivan explained that there is no Sacrament of Parenthood. Never did you stand before God and everyone you love and promise to be true to your kids, but if you are married in the church (or blessed by the church) then you did. He said that the best thing you can do for you kids is give them an example of a wonderful marriage. Also, he said that he has never heard of a child not having all their needs met who came from a healthy happy intact home. On the other hand there are plenty of kids who have lots of emotional problems because their parent let their marriages fail  – even though they loved their kids.

So seriously, I am going to write a book about this because I have so many examples of this in my life – especially Wednesday date nights – that gave my mother her only bits of sanity for most of my childhood – and my sisters and I a much loved dinner at McDonalds.

Anyway – as I enjoy the last of the quiet Friday moments before the house explodes with all the hussle and hurry that a weekend brings I thought I would remind everyone to pour two glasses of wine, slow dance in the kitchen, and have a fun time with your husband or wife this weekend – it’s good for you, it’s good for the kids, and according to Father Sullivan it will make God happy – now, who can argue with that?

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