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Seconds after I finished the last blog Tim walked in and did not even say hello before he started asking what was going on with the phones. He had been calling and could not get through. He actually asked if I hadn’t realized that something was wrong based on how quiet things must be without the phone… right – as if things were actually quiet?

After some investigation we discovered that Anna Mae has taken the upstairs phone off the hook – just to see how it works — easy enough to fix — however, Cole did enjoy telling Tim how scarry it was that the phone was not working — what with the thunder storm, the baby almost falling off the couch, the flood, the fire…

 Nice – way to give me up – and after I made brownies for him and everything… I am so not feeling the love…

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a little window…

So why hasn’t Theresa had a chance to write? Hmmmm….

Honestly I don’t know because the stuff that happens around here that keep me from writing, is certainly worth sharing… however I must say this first off – I am in no way complaining about the 4 kids close together… it’s just that in order to maintain my sanity I have to learn to laugh at it all – here goes….

Just 10 minutes ago I got out of the shower. A shower is an entitlement – it’s in my contract and even if I don’t get it until almost 5pm – I’m still taking one. Earlier today we went strawberry picking (very romantic – have you seen Sleeping beauty? Ahh, bu that’s another blog). So as I was saying, I had just turned off the shower and and I heard this huge booming noise. It took a beat to realize it was not the kids moving the china hutch but instead a huge thunder storm moving in. I grabbed and towl and yelled for Cole. I told him to check for lightning and if there was none to get the swimsuits off the patio chairs and move the trees that are to be planted this weekend into the garage.

Quick got dressed and then went to help Cole. It was pouring by then so it was good that I was aready dripping wet. We got everything in and were greeted by Anna Mae at the door… “Ahh, Anna wern’t you just giving Grace a bottle?”

“Yup, I left her on the couch.”

“Ya know she can roll now… so we really ought to put her on her banket so she will be safe,” I answered trying to hide the worry in my voice as I scrambled toward the couch.

With Grace safe on the floor Anna reminded me that I had promised a “treat” if they picked up the toys. Since my first plan – popsicles- was not going to work… “Outside food is not appropriate in a thunder storm.”

Thanks for the reminder Anna – I found brownie mix in the pantry and preheated the oven when Truman walked into the kitchen. “Mom the twinkle is coming out of the potty.” I think he said it three times before I processed it and when to investigate. Sure enough the toilet was backing up and there was a small flood on the bathroom floor.

“Cole get the plunger. Anna get the towles.” It took at least a dozen good plunges and four previously used swim towels to get the mess cleaned up. That’s when I smelled smoke.

Back to the kitchen I noticed the area around the stove looked a little hazy. When I opened the oven up I remembered that I was going to put the oven on self-cleaning mode today after the baked French toast caused a little mess yesterday. “Anna get the broom. Cole open the front door.” And cue the smoke detector.

“Everybody get outside it’s a fire…”

“No Truman, it’s just mom trying to make us a snack.”

Again Anna thanks for the positive reinforcement….

So after fanning the detector and letting the wind from the storm blow in the alarm decided all was safe and quieted down. I cleaned up the oven enough to prevent further smoke and put both dinner and the brownies in for thirty minutes. I then suggested to Tru that he head upstairs to get dressed – evidently the flood in the bathroom got his undies wet and he didn’t think to go find another pair. Cole went to make a new mess in the livingroom. Grace continued to play – is it strange that this all seems perfectly normal to her? And Anna is sitting not so patiently staring at me while I blog sure that it’s my writing and not the timer on the oven preventing her from getting her “treat.”

Alright – 7 minutes till dinner is ready – and I’m singing the theme song… “I am woman hear me roar….”

Yup- it all under control here – ha ha ha

“Nope… I have not idea where your pants are Truman….”

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