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Life Lesson

I’ve learned that the people who are most suspicious of others are also those that have something to hide.

Said another way…

Those who are guilty tend to look for guilt in others.

The reverse is true as well:

Those who are kind hearted tend to look at others and find the kindness in them.

Here’s the point – If you want people to see the best in you – you best look for the best in them. If you want to be loved treat others with love. You can fill in respect, generosity, or whatever virtue you’d like.

None of this seems like rocket science of course, but the trick is that you have to actually look inside yourself and face up to the stuff that is uncomfortable and then realize that the motivation behind your poor behavor is obvious to everyone else around you and God himself. Embarassing as that might be, no one will mind if you get out of the glass house 🙂

Was this little lecture from my soap box meant for you? I don’t know… do you have a guilty conscious…? Then, yes it just might have been…

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I have been reading the Twilight books this summer – a little late for the craze, but I really didn’t think I would enjoy a teen book about vampires. My girl friends were taking them on vacation and enjoying the romantic easy and addictive stories so after listening to them for a while I decided to indulge.

Don’t tell them, but I think they ruined all the romantic parts for me. After hearing them giggle about the meadow scene for a week there was no chance it wouldn’t be a letdown. However, I have gotten into the story lines, the history of vampires and werewolves, and the drama of Bella’s life.

Tim has been on vacation this week and as he left to run errands yesterday, he planted a total great aunt kiss on my cheek and mumbled something about how long he would be gone. I actually stopped him, and suggested that it would be nice if he would say good-bye, as if he really loved me. For example, something like, “I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart – I’ve left it with you.” He looked nauseous and left laughing.

On the other hand my kids and my niece Ella have proven to be much more willing participants in a Twilight series book discussion. Unfortunately, none of them can read beyond a third grade level. Additionally, I am positive I would have “mother of the year” eternally taken away if I handed the PG- 13 book over to be consumed as a bed time story for elementary school crowd. Therefore, we have narrowed our discussion to interesting facts related to vampires, werewolves, and the people who love or run into them.

For example, my daughterAnna Mae’s new favorite joke starts by asking, “Why do vampires wait for a thunderstorm to play baseball?” Cole, on the other handis intrigued with the immortality and dietary information. He thinks it’s funny that vegetarian vampires only drink animal blood and even more impressive– if a vampire should move into the neighborhood and if he turns out to have werewolves as part of his genetic make-up, he might turn out to be taller than any of his friends.

However, I really had fun with Ella yesterday as she pushed me for more and more detailed information on where vampires hunt and if there might be a werewolf living in the woods behind her house. Her dad had just created a bike trail back there and as it turned out, she was already concerned about the habitation of the leprechauns and fairies that had had their homes unsettled. Now poor Ella has to add romantic vampires and protective werewolves to her list of threatened species.

After a good deal of discussion, I was unable to ease her mind so I suggested that she become a zoologist specializing in mythical creatures. I’m pretty sure that if I am not already in trouble with my sister I will be when Ella shows up for career day at school – and knowing Ella she won’t forget by then.

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