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Were you going to buy me a birthday gift…? Did it just sneak up on you like it does every year…? It’s a bummer when your birthday is a week after Christmas vacation. But, if you have had another week or two to recover… and you just discovered it on your calendar… and perhaps you’re wondering hmmmm… what would she like for her birthday…..

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New Years at the cabin with Bridget and Paul, our kids, and Parker.

A long, long time ago… before babies… when we were young and beautiful and had hardly a care in the world… Bridget came to the cabin for New Years. Lots has happened since then. Lots of really good stuff. So many blessings, that we needed a whole weekend away to enjoy them all…

We walked in the woods – the kids made snow angels – Grace shot the Red Rider (and kept her eye) – the boys warmed–up at the fire-place – we laughed and played – sometimes we cried, but mostly we had a lot of fun – except when Grace locked herself in the bathroom and Anna Mae got her hair caught in a brier patch – at the same exact time – but other than that – it was the perfect way to toast in the New Year…

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