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A few years ago we garbage picked this old chair. It was ugly, but I thought it would be good for… something… I can’t remember what? Anyway, I gave it to Karen and Ryan and they “up-cycled” it for me into a bird bath. Very cute in the kid’s garden, but as all the plants have grown we ran out of room for the chair. Time to up-cycle again…

Grace and the soon-to-be kindergarten gang came over to watch. They heard I had the staple gun out and evidently that means “Ms. Theresa is up to something.” Good thing too because soon-to-be kindergarten students are great a demo work – too bad I grabbed the camera too late for that 😦

Once we had it down to just the chair with a hole in it we pulled out a scrap of burlap that I just happened to have in the basement. We stapled it on all hodge-podge to make a basket for the plants.

I recently bought a bunch of succulents at my favorite nursery using a gift card from one of my favorite students. We planted right in the burlap basket and found a place for the chair in one of the last empty spots in the garden.

Grace added a rock collection that she brought back from Lake Michigan yesterday, and a gourd bird house that has been unoccupied this summer.

And there it is… a bunch of succulents in an old chair… I hope the soon-to-be kindergarten gang, now jumping on the neighbors trampoline, is impressed!

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This is another one of the entries that Truman showed at the fair. Grace and Anna Mae made a stepping stone too. We have supplies for Cole when he gets back – don’t worry.

The stepping-stones were made with a kit. We found everything we needed at Hobby Lobby.

I put Tim in charge of this one – I thought the kids could use some Dad time doing something other than sports. It was a hit and will be great in the yard. I love that I have a plan for all the projects this year…

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We have been feeling crafty this week…

Getting ready for the county fair will do that to you.

We did this when it was really warm outside… I think that made it even more “melty.”

Blue ribbon #1 – for Truman and cool art work to hang in the basement for me – Yea!


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“What I need is one hour of help in the garden and then you can read all day.”


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father’s day







Happy Father’s Day Tim… Thank you for the laughter, the love, the lounge chair afternoon. I know it wasn’t the perfect day, but it was a really good together day.

I love our family. I love watching you be a dad. I love that you can’t say “no” to ice cream.

I was thinking about your Dad too. I wish he were here to tell you that he is proud of you.

I wish I remembered to tell you more often. I’m glad we got to tell you today
that your a really great dad
we love you!

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New Years at the cabin with Bridget and Paul, our kids, and Parker.

A long, long time ago… before babies… when we were young and beautiful and had hardly a care in the world… Bridget came to the cabin for New Years. Lots has happened since then. Lots of really good stuff. So many blessings, that we needed a whole weekend away to enjoy them all…

We walked in the woods – the kids made snow angels – Grace shot the Red Rider (and kept her eye) – the boys warmed–up at the fire-place – we laughed and played – sometimes we cried, but mostly we had a lot of fun – except when Grace locked herself in the bathroom and Anna Mae got her hair caught in a brier patch – at the same exact time – but other than that – it was the perfect way to toast in the New Year…

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The big 3 are back in school. Tim ran the mornings without missing a beat. He got them up and dressed and delivered. He even took photos of all of it. I am amazed at what they can do…. without me… a little sad… very proud… focusing on being blessed… looking forward to picking them up.

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