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times seven…

You attract what you give. Do you believe that?


Years ago when I lived in Peoria with Tim – before kids – we had the most interesting thing happen. It was a Sunday morning and we just left church. Tim asked what I had written the offertory check for and when I told him he cringed. I hate “the budget” and back then I did everything possible to ignore what was going on with money. Tim on the other hand knew we were having a temporary cash crunch as I was terrible about billing for the hours I was working.


Anyway, I told him not to worry. I had a check to pick up from one of my clients and we could pick it up that morning. When I arrived I gave my client my time sheets and she said that it was not correct. I wasn’t billing for time on the telephone or work that I had done at home. She wrote the check for what she thought she owed me. Later when Tim was making out the deposit slip he pointed out that the difference in the amount what exactly seven times what my offertory check had been.


So needless to say, ever since then I have believed in the fact that God will reward those who give. However, now I am in charge of “the budget” and I am so terrible about really keeping on track with “giving.” Since the kids started school I feel like we are have more trouble staying on track with spending as there is always something I am writing a check for. With Christmas, vacation, and birthday season upon me I am especially aware of this.


In the past few days, however I made a list of people that I wanted to do something nice for — people that had either done something for me or who were having a rough week. I told Tim I was going to do more than just think – “hey I ought to do something for so and so”, but instead follow through and do it. I made lasagna four lasagna dinners and the kids and I delivered them all. It was so fun to see the happy faces of my four recipients as they realized they would not have to make dinner that night – the fun was worth every bit of time and expense.


Last night when I was checking my e-mail I received a small job offer. It is something I can do from home and something I would really enjoy. I don’t know all the details yet, but I can’t help but put the two events together. This is especially true because I had such a sense of happy peace as I went through the evening – all the worry and frustration of making ends meet just vanished.


A couple months ago I went camping with some extended family. I was treated, by one of the friends who were with us, to a great explanation for why she had been successful at the casino that night in contrast to a cousin who was not. She said it was all in the power of positive thinking – she just knew she would win – so she did. We all had to giggle at her logic and most of admitted that while it seemed to have worked that night we would be hesitant to give it a try ourselves.


However, I think I am going to keep gambling in my own way. It seems pretty clear that there is a lesson here and I hate to be too stubborn to learn itJ.

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She stood today!

No one will be suprised to know that I decided to save the money and not even pretend I was going to fill in a baby book for Grace. For most significant milestones I have been able to video tape and so she will have some record of her first year. Today, however, I was at a friend’s house when she stood all by herself not holding on to anything.

I thought she might want to know that I was right there – actually sitting on the floor playing with her when it happened. I was in the moment. Not doing dishes or laundry or homework or answering e-mails or anything of the other things that I do all day while she watches me.

It may never happen again. Being no. 4 my attention can be spread pretty thin. So someday when she complains that I was never there for her – I can point her to this blog as proof that at least this one time – I was!

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What was I thinking?

I made a really dumb bet with Tim and now I’m freezing! A few years ago when we had central air put in, Tim used it to no end. Whenever I turned it down, he grumped about me messing with his comfort. Dispite having a bad attitude it cost an arm and a leg! Our utility bill was out of this world and on the budget plan, it took well over a year to get it so we were back in the black.

This past year I got really motivated and very frugal. I bought and used a clothes line. I didn’t use the A/C much at all unless Tim was home and I have not yet turned on the heat. 

Last week when it was so nice outside I received our bill from WE Energies. I was really excited to find the results of all my hard work – I cut our utility bill on the budget plan nearly in half! Yea!

Tim congratulated me and instantly gave me a challenge. Knowing that his love for cold is equally matched for my passion for warmth – he said ,”I bet you can’t make it to Thanksgiving without turning on the heat.” Remember it was like 60 some degrees outside last week, but still was I out of his mind when I said I could make it past Thanksgiving?

The thermastat says 61 degrees in the house right now and we have a babysitter coming for a little while tonight. The house feels colder than my mother’s house!  I feel like I am going to have to issue bankets at the door for all guests – but I HATE the idea of losing a bet!

Well, I’m not mom of the year or hostess of the year… and still we wonder where Truman (who is playing cars under a quilt) gets that stubborn streak….

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parenting tip…

Let your baby go almost a full year playing with toy that you have not put the batteries into. Then when you really need to get something done – fill the toys with batteries. It’s amazing the reaction you will get and the amount of time your baby will sit startled at what had been a quiet unexciting piece of plastic and now has both lights and sound.

Then after hours of play time you will begin to remember why you were not so upset when the batteries actually ran out and before the bus arrives with your older kids – you can remove the batteries again. This will accomplish two things. First, you older kids will not take any interest in the old toys that don’t work and second, the baby will again spend a huge amount of time trying to figure out how to get that thing to light up again.

Not winning mom of the year here – am I? 🙂 

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