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Well Gene was kind-of the smooth dancer… maybe it’s Donald  – he always made me laugh… Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du
Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du….I’m singin’ in the rain….Just singin’ in the rain,….What a glorious feeling,….And I’m happy again.
Didn’t Fred record this one too? Maybe it’s Fred and Debbie….I’m laughing at clouds….So dark, up above,….The sun’s in my heart….Du Du Du Du Du…

Let the stormy clouds chase….Everyone from the place,….Come on with the rain….I have a smile on my face….I’ll walk down the lane….With a happy refrain… Just singin’, singin’ in the rain….Dancing in the rain….I’m happy again….I’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain.,,,,Dancin’ and singin’ in the rain.

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It was dance recital weekend — Anna Mae has been dancing for years, but this was the first time for Grace. She has spent a significant amount of time watching her sister dance and was a little to comfortable at her lessons – she talks, she’s a cheese, she stops to watch a gymnast is that looks more interesting. Sigh – she is so different from her sister. But between you I am secretly giggling all the time!

Okay, photos of the girls —

Remember Amanda? She dances too and she was fabulous! Amanda we are so proud of you – great job!

Anna Mae’s was in a “hip hop” dance  and tap. The tap was with chairs and was very cool. It was fun to see her try something so different.

Grace’s  dance started with them all being little flowers that grow. She is supposed to be a sleeping flower bud… 

peak! She was also the dancer that waved to “Germa” (Grandma).

Thanks for coming Aunt E and Uncle J, “Germa,” Ella, and #1 assistant Delany!


 I love my little dancers — but I’m not sure Cole is really ready for the stage?                      

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