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It was dance recital weekend — Anna Mae has been dancing for years, but this was the first time for Grace. She has spent a significant amount of time watching her sister dance and was a little to comfortable at her lessons – she talks, she’s a cheese, she stops to watch a gymnast is that looks more interesting. Sigh – she is so different from her sister. But between you I am secretly giggling all the time!

Okay, photos of the girls —

Remember Amanda? She dances too and she was fabulous! Amanda we are so proud of you – great job!

Anna Mae’s was in a “hip hop” dance  and tap. The tap was with chairs and was very cool. It was fun to see her try something so different.

Grace’s  dance started with them all being little flowers that grow. She is supposed to be a sleeping flower bud… 

peak! She was also the dancer that waved to “Germa” (Grandma).

Thanks for coming Aunt E and Uncle J, “Germa,” Ella, and #1 assistant Delany!


 I love my little dancers — but I’m not sure Cole is really ready for the stage?                      

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Grace was ready to move from her crib to a big girl bed, so we took out the day bed and now have two twin beds in the their bedroom. It’s a smaller room, but we tried to do some things to make it special.

We decorated the room with a  fun hodge-podge of things from lots of people we love. The quilt was a gift from my sister Karen – isn’t she blessed with talent? She has such a good eye too – she found the quilts that work perfect with all the colors in the room.

 The dresser and the two twin beds came from my great aunt’s estate. The dresser is especially nice for sharing. The bears were gifts that we gave to Tim’s grandma. When she passed away, his aunt gave them to Anna Mae.  


This hand painted rose planter was also from Tim’s grandma. It’s so pretty and has become the inspiration for all the roses in the room.

Years ago when my friend’s husband left for the “desert” she came looking for a project. She was so sweet to build the window seat for us (thank you again Crystal!) We found the mini-chandelier on eBay. It’s becoming the perfect place to curl up with a book or just daydream…


The vanity was in my uncle and aunt’s bedroom and when they bought a new bedroom set they offered it to the girls. We painted it white and found an ice cream parlor chair to go with it. The girls love to dance in front of the mirror.

Poor Grace fell asleep waiting for me to finish the dishes and come up to take more photos – she had a big day and is so ready to sleep. In a few weeks she will dance in her first ballet recital. After that we can hang her dress next to Anna’s first recital dress.

Before she went to sleep she moved the ballerina sisters so they hold hands.  

This room has been the most fun to decorate. Everything seems to just work together to create the perfect space for our girls. I hope they love it as much as I do.

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