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Well Gene was kind-of the smooth dancer… maybe it’s Donald  – he always made me laugh… Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du
Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du….I’m singin’ in the rain….Just singin’ in the rain,….What a glorious feeling,….And I’m happy again.
Didn’t Fred record this one too? Maybe it’s Fred and Debbie….I’m laughing at clouds….So dark, up above,….The sun’s in my heart….Du Du Du Du Du…

Let the stormy clouds chase….Everyone from the place,….Come on with the rain….I have a smile on my face….I’ll walk down the lane….With a happy refrain… Just singin’, singin’ in the rain….Dancing in the rain….I’m happy again….I’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain.,,,,Dancin’ and singin’ in the rain.


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Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jeff, and KC were in town last week. I have lot of photos to share and lots of memories to keep. The best part of our zoo trip might have been seeing the big cousins together — KC was along to watch it all, but next year I have a feeling she will be part of the action!

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Hey – mind out of the gutter and go even lower – to the mud…  Dirty Girl is a 5k run over uneven, rut ridden, slop designed to get you dirty. To make it interesting, it works in eleven military inspired obstacles  including a water pit, hay bale climb, wall climb, and a cargo net. I did the race with my young – long-legged cousins – and had a blast!

Cousin Ann Marie from By the Light of the Moon was our captain – thanks for the great idea! She brought along her running buddy Katie and they took off with Cori and Bailey. My baby cousins – Colleen and Kennedy ran with me – We were amazing! Cousin Jenni did it later in the day with a pack of her friends – what a beautiful mud runner! I don’t think she dove into the mud – very smart 🙂

I was most scared of the wall climb, which turned out to be do-able. I hadn’t even thought about the cargo net and was up and over so fast I had no time to remember my fear of heights – Whew!

I think I was actually doing great until we decided to slide into what we thought was a pool of mud and turned out to be lined with gravel – my back is a little sore today and I think that might be the cause – a little less cartilage than I had at twenty or even thirty something – but otherwise I feel great.

My sister Cori unfortunately rolled her ankle and is going to have to wear a boot for a few weeks – 😦 Crazy thing is her husband is already on crutches from a bike accident.

Doing the race with family – both the participants and the cheer squad – made it so much fun. We all had a great time pushing each other on, playing in the mud, and even raiding the decorative waterfall after the race for impromptu showers – sorry, this is a family blog – no photos of that –  but trust me it was a whoot!

I love that I  got to show off for my kids – I may be the oldest, the shortest, and the most careful – but I can be pretty scrappy and tough too! It made for a super fun day – one that I might even do again next year!

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Hey Cole,

Thanks for making us all go to State Fair today to see your exhibit on bees.  I hope the pictures all turn out that were taken.  I haven’t been to state fair in years and it was a perfect day to go … not too hot and not too cold.  I did enjoy seeing what the 4-H kids do, and I was very impressed with the art work and photos!  I’m sure that Anna liked the clothing stuff like Ella!  Your bee hive was very interesting and it was wonderful that you received the honor of having something at the STATE FAIR!

Thanks for the trip 🙂



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