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Last week we got to spring the kids and their friends from school for lunch. It’s a tradition at the school to celebrate the feast of St. Rita, the schools namesake.

 It was a beautiful, fun day that gave us all a little taste for what summer will be like. Just one more week  ’till summer vacation!

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Dear Cole,

You can blame me for lots of things… being short, dodging fly balls, having wide feet. Yup, those things do come from your mother’s genetic code. I’m sorry about that…

But the allergy thing—nope, that’s not my fault.


I am fonder of the world when everything is in bloom.

 The weeping cherry outside my kitchen window…

 The Japanese maple that you all thought was a Charlie Brown tree…

Even the pear tree that doesn’t make pears…

I feel giddy in the spring sun amid the fresh green smell of the dewy  lawn, the cottonwood tufts floating through the park, and the fields of wild flowers growing along the country roads.

It’s a blessing to enjoy them all with neither a sniffle in my nose, nor a tickle in my throat.  No, my eyes don’t itch either my dear.

I know you think Dad is the greatest. He tall and strong, good at math and never yells – yes, I’ve heard it all. I agree, he is pretty cool – but in this one little matter of the allergies…

I am going to have to insist that finally, something is not my fault.

I’m glad to hear you say this morning, between sneezes, that the trees look beautiful.  I love you and I will get more Sudafed today.



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