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After years of tagging along…  sitting less than quietly… and begging the snack mom for handouts… It’s her turn! Grace started soccer last week and will be showing off this Saturday at her first game. She’s a big kid and according to her big brothers pretty tough too… I can’t wait to see if she is as determined as her big sister – something tells me she will be 🙂

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I don’t know how my mother kept her sanity when we were little. She had the four of us signed up for anything and everything that we wanted to try. It was a wonderful self-less act of survival, love, and time spent in a VW Golf . I’m having flashback of  highschool hearing the muffler a mile away – but I digress…

The spring “busy season” is in full swing. Soccer, baseball, tennis, dance, choir, 4-H and all the rest of the spring activities will keep us moving. I complain – yes, but I do love it all. The kids are having a blast and we get to hang out with our friends whose kids are just as over scheduled – so it’s all good.  Saturday we had music lessons, soccer games, baseball clinic, a 4-H activity and half of us made it to church with the promise of sleeping in.



Sunday in contrast was quiet. The kids played outside and Tim fixed the storm door.

He mentioned that he did not want a whole blog about him getting things done around the house despite how much fun I would have writing about it. So to compromise I will just say…  there is nothing better than when that man gets out the tools and checks something off the never-ending honey do list! OOOh I could just kiss him!

Happy week everyone –

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