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The Friday before our annual family egg hunt the kids and I planned a trip to the Jelly Belly factory in Pleasant Prairie, WI. This year our friends – the Lopez family as well as Cole’s buddy Parker joined us. When we arrived at the factory we learned that the last tour train just left however, the fun we had in the store more than made up for it. 

Being close to closing time the store was not all that busy and the kids quickly made friends with Mr. Powers, the man who was working at the free sample bar. As he humored them through their requests for various flavors he also had a moment to help me find the best bags of Belly Flops – more sour and fruit flavors over “coffee” and “buttered popcorn.” 

As I filled my shopping cart with boxes of Belly Flops the kids spotted  local reporter Stephanie Lehman of the Lake County Journal and her photographer. Not being a bit shy they talked with her about all the fun flavors they liked, the upcoming egg hunt, and the fun they were having reading Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory at school. 

Yesterday I received a copy of the article in the mail…. 

Amanda makes the cover!


 Cole, Parker, and I are all quoted in the article Free Fun Just Across the Border 

Take a look and if you find yourself in Pleasant Prairie be sure to check out the Jelly Belly factory!

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